Airlines No Longer Listed

Refernce to the following airlines may be found in the 'Previous Updates' pages.

However, for the reasons shown, their individual listings are no longer included

In alphabetical order

Acquired by British NorthWest Airlines 06
Aer Arann
Rebranded Stobart Air 05 Jun 14
Air Atlanta Europe
AOC revoked at Air Atlanta Europes request. Effective 08 Nov 06
Air Atlantique
Name now confined to Air Atlantique Classic Fleet
Air Caledonian
Ceased operations 07 Jan 05
AirFreight Express
Ceased operations
Air Omega UK
Never commenced operations
Air Scandic
Ceased operations 15 Sep 05
Air Scotland
Flights operated by Greece Airways. Operation to be bsd in Spain
Air Southwest
Sale to Eastern Airways completed 31 Nov 10. Air Southwest brand ceased 30 Sep 11
Air Wales
Ceased scheduled services 23 Apr 06
Ceased operations
Ceased operations 21 Nov 11. All a/c disposed of by 06 Jan 12
Atlantic Airlines
Became West Atlantic
Atlantic Express
AOC withdrawn at licence holders request effective 10 Feb 09
Ceased operations 2Q04
BA Connect
Merged into Flybe 25 Mar 07
Absorbed into bmi 28 Oct 07
Acquired by the IAG Group (British Airways/Iberia) commencing 20 Apr 12
Fully integrated into British Airways by Win 12
Ceased operations 10 Sep 12. AOC cancelled 21 Sep 12
British Airways Limited
Absorbed into British Airways mainline 1Q15
Ceased operations 08 Jan 08
British North West Airlines
Ceased scheduled services 16 Dec 06
Buzz STN
Ceased operations 31 Oct 04
Ryanair to re-name Ryanair Sun, Buzz, Autumn 2019
Cello Aviation
Ceased operations 12 Oct 18
AOC revoked 05 Feb 19
City Star Airlines
Ceased operations 30 Jan 08
Ticketing agency only (Formerly Manx2) Rebranded 'Citywing' 01 Jan 13
Operations suspended by the CAA 23 Feb 17. Ceased trading 10 Mar 17
Operates under a class 'B' AOC
Ceased operations 01 May 04
Ceased operations 17 Oct 06
Emerald Airways
AOC suspended 04 May 06. AOC revoked 12 Oct 06
Ceased operations 26 Jul 05
Ceased operations 08 May 08
European Aviation Air Charter
Ceased operations 30 Nov 08
European Executive
Ceased scheduled services as Skysouth Feb 09 (Date?)
FBE Realisations Ltd (Flybe mk1)
Formerly Flybe - Ceased operations 04 Mar 20
Entered administration 05 Mar 20
Re-named 06 Apr 21
Operators licence revoked 02 Jun 21
First Choice
Merged with Thomsonfly to form Thomson Airways effective 01 Nov 08
Ceased operations 03 Dec 08
Ceased operations 16 Feb 19
AOC revoked 17 Feb 19
Placed into administration 16 Dec 09. Operations ceased overnight 16/17 Dec 09
Ceased operations Aug/Sep 08
No longer a proposed airline but a tour operator
Futura Gael
Ceased operations 08 Sep 08
GB Airways
Acquired by easyJet. Full integration 29/30 Mar 08
Global Supply Systems
AOC suspended 28 Oct 14. AOC cancelled 26 Mar 15
HD Air
Announced 14 Jul 09 the suspention of it's operating licence
Hebridean Air Services
Operates under a class 'B' AOC
Highland Airways
Ceased operations 24 Mar 10 and entered into administration
Hop Airways (Oniva)
Never commenced operations
Isle of Scilly Skybus
Operates under a class B AOC
Janes Aviation
AOC withdrawn at Janes request 18 Mar 10
JetGreen Airways
Ceased operations 12 May 04
Ceased operations 28 Jan 04
Jetstream Express
Ceased operations 30 Jun 07
KLM Cityhopper
Transferred operations to Dutch parent company
Links Air
AOC suspended by CAA 16 Oct 15
AOC cancelled by CAA 18 Jan 16
Liquidated 01 Apr 16
Loch Lomond Seaplanes
Ceased scheduled services
Love Air
Ceased scheduled services
Maersk Air UK
Re-branded Duo
Man Air
Re-branded AV8 Air
Monarch Airlines
Ceased operations 02 Oct 17 - AOC suspended
MK Airlines
Suspended operations 09 Apr 10. Operating licence revoked 20 Dec 10
MyTravel Airways
Absorbed into Thomas Cook Airlines UK, midnight 29/30 Mar 08
MyTravel Lite
Company absorbed back into MyTravel Airways. Last flight 01 Nov 05
Norwegian Air International
Ceased operations -- Apr 21 - Covid restrictions
Fleet disposed of
Norwegian Air UK
Ceased operations Mar 20 - COVID restrictios
Announced 14 Jan 21 that long haul operations would not resume and company placed into liqidation
Fleet disposed of
AOC voluntarily revoked effective 01 Nov 21
Entered into receivership before commencing operations
UK operating Licence cancelled at BA's request effective 03 Aug 2009
Suspended operations 30 May 08. Proposed rescue package failed
Skynet (IRL) Ltd
Ceased operations 25 May 04
Ceased operations Feb 09 (Date?)
Stobart Air

Effective 05 Jun 14. Formerly Aer Arann
ICAO code effective 03 Aug 14
Suspended operations 12 Jun 21

Suckling Airways

Acquired by Loganair effective end Jul 11. Fleet transferred to the Loganair AOC. AOC cancelled May 13

Tara Airlines
A proposed airline which did not materialise
Thomas Cook Airlines UK
Ceased operations 23 Sep 19. Operating licences revoked 07 Nov 19
Merged with First Choice to form Thomson Airways effective 01 Nov 08
UK International Airlines
Suspended operations 25 Dec 07. AOC withdrawn 08 Jan 08
Varsity Express
Commenced operations 01 Mar 10 . Ceased operations 08 Mar 10
Virgin Atlantic Little Red

Virgin Atlantic domestic operation. Fleet op by Aer Lingus.
MAN ops ceased 28 Mar 15, Scottish ops ceased 26 Sep 15

Ceased operations 26 Jun 18
Ceased operations 06 Dec 07
Wight Air
Ceased scheduled services (Date?)
XL Airways Ireland
Ceased operations 12 Sep 08
XL Airways UK
Ceased operations 12 Sep 08
Zoom Airlines Ltd
Ceased operations 28 Aug 08


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